Vyrent - FAQ
  • Does Vyrent offer financing?

    We do have financing options for qualified applicants. If you're interested in financing, speak to your representative for more information.

  • I am a watch reseller/wholesaler/retailer. How can I join Vyrent?

    We have big things coming ahead of us. You'll want to hear this. Email us at info@vyrent.com or call us at 855.4.VYRENT, and let's grab a coffee.

  • I have a friend who would love to rent from you. Is there a referral program?

    Yes! Email us at info@vyrent.com or call us at 855.4.VYRENT to speak with a representative. Get credit towards a watch rental, an Amazon gift card, or even cash.

  • I love my watch, can I buy it?

    We thought you'd never ask! Most of the watches come with a buy-out option, which allows you to use your current spend on rentals towards credit of a watch purchase. Simply reach out to your representative, and we'll take care of you.

  • I know things happen, is there any insurance on my watch?

    We pair every watch with it's own insurance plan, for a small premium. Your representative will go over all the details of your plan during the onboarding process.

  • How do I return my watch?

    When you receive the watch, there will be a pre-paid return box and shipping label with it. Simply put the watch in the same case it came in, place it within the return box, and drop it off at your nearest UPS store. We'll take care of the rest.

  • When will I receive my watch?

    Once you've completed the application and onboarding process, we'll do our best to have the watch on your wrist as soon as you need it.

  • How do you size my wrist?

    There's a few ways to size your wrist. From as simple as using a string to measure your wrist, to using a pre-made Vyrent wrist sizer, we'll make sure you get your watch sized just right.

  • I applied, now what?

    Great! You completed the hard part (well, it was still easy, right?). Now, kindly allow us 24-48 hours to process your application and pair you with the right watch, at the right price.

  • Do I qualify?

    Our qualification metrics revolve around a variety of factors, mainly the health of your personal credit and your current employment status.

  • How do I sign up?

    Choose your favorite watch and press 'Apply', or let us choose a watch for you by pressing 'Apply With Vyrent'. Fill in the form, and one of our specialists will contact you to guide you through the application process.

  • I don’t see exact pricing. What price will I pay?

    We're not hiding the prices from you, trust us! Because of our large vendor network, we often have several of the same watches. Each vendor offers a different price, and we promise to find you the best price within our network. Why settle for a fixed price?

  • How is Vyrent different than other companies renting watches?

    We can't say we're the first to give consumers access to watches in the form of rentals, and we surely won't be the last. Many have tried, many have failed. A handful of companies still exist today. Our difference? We don't own any of the watches shown in our collection. Every watch is owned by different retailers and wholesalers across the nation. These vendors set their own prices, based on their own respective costs. We've created a marketplace for these vendors to compete -- to earn your business.

  • What is Vyrent?

    Vyrent is a technology company focused on revolutionizing the world. We are also a group of professionals with PhDs in luxury. Throughout the years of buying the items we loved, we realized a few things: dealing with retailers is difficult, unreliable and expensive; some items ended up collecting dust in our drawers; some items went out of style; and some items lost their re-sale value (depreciated). We wanted to create an alternative to ownership. The housing industry had created an alternative, allowing residents to rent apartments and houses. The auto industry had created an alternative, allowing drivers to lease vehicles. Now, we're giving the high-end watch industry an alternative, with access to rent luxury timepieces.

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